F.E.E.D. Sonoma announces the FEED.bin !! FEEDing the People truth , strength & beauty !

Join in support of the farming community that is F.E.E.D. Sonoma :: soon-to-be California's 1st farmer- & employee-owned fresh-produce Cooperative.  These dynamic times are moments of immense challenge for many, our hearts are with you... and yet, together with our farmer community we have the opportunity to Build a Food System Foundation with roots in ecological stewardship today, and for all future generations... JOIN US NOW !! Building the Foundation ... together

the FEED.bin :: putting the freshest produce possible on your table every week... an investment in the farmers, an investment in your children, an investment in the Earth

What's Inside the Bin this week :: for delivery the week of January 19 - January 23 , 2021

biodynamic apple mix , Filigreen Farm .. navel oranges , Spreadwing Farm .. 'imperial star' artichokes , Paul's Produce OR broccolini , Lantern Farm & Russian River Organics OR romanesco cauliflower , Paul's Produce .. celery crown OR parsnip roots , Paul's Produce .. 'tree frog' artisan mix , Earthworker Farm OR bunched arugula , Full Belly Farm via Capay Valley Farm Shop .. green kohlrabi , Paul's Produce .. leek , Paul's Produce .. mushrooms , Mycopia OR spaghetti squash , Terra Firma Farm via Capay Valley Farm Shop OR butternut squash , Shone Farm OR delicata squash , Suncatcher Farm .. 'karinata' kale , Full Belly Farm via Capay Valley Farm Shop OR dino / lacinato kale , Live Oak Farm OR Suncatcher Farm

Visit our Product List page to see what is available. We're growing and so is our product list. Check the website weekly for new items.

FEED Bin FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) 

our team has put together a list of answers to commonly asked questions ... check it out the FAQ sheet here !! 


BECOMING a CUSTOMER :: Would you prefer to buy fresh healthy & organically grown food from your local farmers? Are you interested in building a truthful food system foundation for all children? Yes, you are ready :: Register as a Customer , and join our Email List to stay connected into the F.E.E.D. Sonoma farming community!  

PLEASE NOTE :: when creating your account , choose your appropriate "distribution location" :: this is where you will be picking up your FEED.bin , or having it delivered

MINI-HUB AGGREGATION POINTS :: pickup locations create a tremendous amount of efficiency for your food system.  Simply stated : a more efficient food system with a foundation of farmers that honor their bio-regional ecosystem, has the backing, from YOU, to create a more abundant food supply for a broader sector of society :: more people being fed with food of supreme vitality, as a constant .. in times of feast, and in times of need

Please check the list if you see a mini-hub aggregation point near you ... and, if you have the means to create a mini-hub location of at least 10+ FEED.bin customers, let us know ::  

other MINI-HUB tips :: if you have a friend that has already created a "private" mini-hub :: make sure that your mini-'ohana has agreed to call your pickup location a specific name , ie " ShangriLa Co-Housing " , and place that mini-hub name in the ' Organization ' window when creating your account profile .... let's do this Good People ... TOGETHER !!


True Grass Farms , Tomales :: i mean...what can we say? so let's hear it from Head Grazier Guido Frosini himself !! :: "True Grass Farms is an active leader in the carbon farm planning movement.  We graze our animals for ecological benefits on coastal prairie and oak savanna,  while collaborating with Point Blue Conservation Science, who helps monitor our grasslands and grazing protocols.  Our goal is to restore your connection to land through transparency, ecological mindfulness while feeding our community. " Eat up Good People!! This land stewardship gonna FEED you up!

Olla Products , Santa Rosa :: get your bone broth on Good People !! what better time to nurture your body and soul than right here and now!  "Olla (pronounced oh-yeah) produces the highest quality bone broth available.  Our broth is made using only pasture raised animals locally sourced in Sonoma County and prepared using the classic techniques our founder learned as a chef in Spain.  Our broths are the perfect foundation for any recipe where added depth and complexity are needed."

Filigreen Farm , Booneville :: farmers Stephanie and Chris have long been invaluable land stewards and Biodynamic fruit growers in the Anderson Valley.  Their devotion to the land is at a depth we simply bow down to , and the fruit that comes from Filigreen Farm is always a sacred experience.  Having always been an integral contributor to our wholesale model, FEED Sonoma is honored to introduce Filigreen Farm to the FEED.bin community !!

Kiss the Flower Honey Co. , Sebastopol :: our beloved friend and apiary devotee & Head Nectar Director , Dewitt Barker, is here for your raw honey goodness !! raw honey.. honeycomb.. pollen :: say YES with us all ... Raw and unpasteurized HONEY contains active enzymes and anti-microbial properties... available right here , right now !

Taproot Medicine , Sebastopol :: herbal medicine maker Charlotte Connors and her team lovingly create powerful herbal syrups to bolster your immune system's support during times of stress and threat ... raise your vitality here with the Taproot Strong Lung Syrup and their Wellness Syrup 

Green Star Farm , Sebastopol :: Sarah Silva is a strong woman ! she raises here birds on Green Star pasture 24x7 and uses the highest quality feed available : grown-in-the-USA certified organic and soy-free ... we celebrate our sisters in the fields !! thank you Sarah for your devotion to this earth 

Coastal Hill Farm , Petaluma :: Bobby Foehr has been providing pastured chicken eggs to the FEED Sonoma wholesale community for the past 7 years ! check out his eggs in our storefront .. sold by dozen ... mahalo nui Good People !!

Tomales Farmstead Creamery , Tomales :: get your fresh chevre here !! sweet with a bit of tantalizing tartness , and most definitely fresh ... spoon on top of a salad , spread onto your favorite bread or cracker .. yum !!


Santa Rosa , Railroad Square (Tuesdays) :: Miracle Plum :: you know it's true ... Sallie and Gwen are raising up a super beautiful vibe at their slice of light in town , one block off the square.  Pick up your FEED.bin and enjoy the rainbow that Sonoma County offers

Santa Rosa , Airport Blvd (Saturdays) :: Tierra Vegetables Farm Stand :: i'm not sure we can express the depth of gratitude to Lee and Wayne James, the hearts & hands AND feet of the legendary Tierra Vegetables... Lee and Wayne are absolute gurus of the Sonoma County farming community, and yes, will be part of the founding member-ownership of the FEED Sonoma Cooperative.  Mahalo nui loa Auntie Lee & Uncle Wayne.. there is hope for the future of farming in Sonoma County !!

Sebastopol , South-ish (Tues & Friday) :: Food Mechanic :: chef Shane is rising up Good People !! yes, we must all be aware, in times of crisis food purveyors such as Food Mechanic also lose massive amounts of business.. choose Food Mechanic :: pick up your FEED,bin + grab one of Shane's amazing pre-made salads !!

Healdsburg , Westside (Tuesdays) :: Dragonfly Floral :: Carlisle and team are offering an amazing gathering point of vital needs for your pantry, as well as for your home garden !! (don't grow tooooo much tho , we need you to stay connected to the 'ohana that is FEED Sohoma !! :) 

Healdsburg , NorthWest (Fridays) :: Dry Creek General Store :: we welcome Gia and her amazing location as a mini-hub of goodness for those out Dry Creek Valley and beyond ....

Sonoma Town , on the Square (Tues & Friday) :: Taub Family Outpost :: chef Trevor Anderson has been one of our long term integral chef collaborators within the traditional FEED Sonoma wholesale business.  We are incredibly grateful for Trevor & team at the newly opened Taub Family Outpost , right on the Square in the town of Sonoma... check them out if you live nearby!!

San Francisco , Mission District (Tues & Friday) :: Gemini Bottle Co. :: 2801 22nd St from the drop down delivery / pick up menu 

San Francisco , Cow Hollow (Tues & Friday) :: MIXT :: that's right Marina and Cow Hollow faithful !! MIXT to the rescue !! the FEED Sonoma / MIXT collaboration is in full effect y'all !! 

San Francisco , Russian Hill (Tues & Friday) :: Split :: did someone say they need some love at the base of the Hill ? well then, Polk Street is where it's at ! order up for Tuesday and/or Friday, and pick up at Split ! ... this is food system abundance married with efficiency for your farm community !!

Berkeley , West End (Fridays) :: Potliquor Kitchen :: thank you Laura and Jennifer !! You lovely ladies are the first official mini-hub session in the East Bay !! mahalo nui for your belief in building a better existence for the next generation , and doing that with celebrating the food that grows in our midst ... you two are rad !

Oakland , Lake Merritt / Broadway (Tues & Friday) :: MIXT :: yes ! we are ready to drop in some serious goodness on our East Bay brothers and sisters !! set up your account and choose MIXT on Broadway as your delivery location ... food system salvation is nigh !